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Our clients come to us because they like our sleek, modern German kitchen designs which create a highly functional design, and sophisticated space.

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Discover Crozyl’s Bespoke German Kitchens

Crozyl Kitchens offer three main styles of German Kitchens to suit most budgets and preferences, these are Painted, Acrylic and Formica Laminate.

Painted German Kitchen Style

Painted German Style Kitchen Cabinets can inject a pop of colour and vibrancy into your living space. We have a huge selection of Farrow and Ball colours to choose from, meaning every taste is covered and your imagination can run wild.

Our design team will work with you to understand your preferences and help you choose the right colour scheme for your kitchen space. Any size, shape and style can be achieved with the painted german style.

Crozyl is offering the best handcrafted German kitchen designs.

Acrylic German Kitchen Style

Acrylic German Style Kitchen Cabinets are the hardest wearing, most versatile cabinet doors we offer. 

They are made to measure and allow you to create a true handleless german style, in Gloss or Matt finishes and a range of textures and colours. 

The acrylic range is UV resistant and easy to clean, offering the perfect design solution for the heart of your kitchen.

Formica Laminate German Kitchen

Formica Laminate German Kitchen style is our more affordable option. 

Offering our clients the largest selection of eye-catching colours , patterns and woodgrain finishes. 

These are highly durable, stylish and functional cabinet doors, standing the test of time.

Crozyl is Ireland's leading Kitchen designers delivering the best handcrafted kitchen designs suitable for your living space.

Perfectly Engineered

The professionals at Crozyl create an environment that is sophisticated and highly functional. 

Our German kitchens use sustainable materials, as well best-in class engineering techniques to ensure they last longer than expected while blending in with any design style or décor scheme you may have going on!


Our German-made, handcrafted kitchens are perfect for those who want to design their dream kitchen. 

With adjustable specifications and a variety of shapes available we're guaranteed not only will it look like an original but also work great in any space!


We believe in a clutter-free kitchen with the most efficient use of space. 

Our German kitchens come with double stacked cabinets, hidden drawers, and integrated bin units so that you can create your dream setup tailored just for what's important to make meals at home or impress guests who visit over!

German Kitchen designs are uncluttered, fresh, and restrained. Their eye for modernity gives their kitchens a look that is uniquely modern.

Which is the best style of German kitchen?

The most popular Style of German Kitchen is the True handleless style. This style is modern and seamless, providing an elegant feel to your kitchen design. With no handles, it gives a minimalist feel as the flow of the units are uninterrupted and streamlined. It allows you to get creative and offers a range of possibilities in your kitchen design. 

The handleless kitchens are easier to clean as they only require a simple wipe down of the surface rather than having to clean around and under handles, avoiding a build up in those hard to reach areas! From Bold colours to soft finishes, the options are endless and allow you to create an uncluttered and timeless look.

What is the most popular color for a kitchen?

Kitchen colours used to be restricted to white, grey and brown but this has all changed and the colour options and combinations are endless , giving your kitchen an updated, modern feel.

We have found over recent months that darker tones are most popular with our Crozyl clients from dark navy hue, olive greens right through to graphite tones. The sophisticated appearance of these dark tones make it a perfect choice for your kitchen space.

Our guarantee

Due to the exceptionally high standard of our craftsmanship, all our kitchens are supplied with a lifetime guarantee on any product defects and a 6-year guarantee on our fitting and installation.

There are many reasons to choose a Crozyl Kitchen. These include the carefully chosen range of materials, finishes, and colours, bespoke craftsmanship, long-lasting quality, and the deep passion for what we do.

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Handcrafted German Kitchens created to enhance your living space

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